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This is the single greatest thing ever created. Nothing, not even the scale of the universe can match up to the glory of this right her...


oh hey people use this!
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Hey, here is a shoutbox :D Echo!
Sun Jul 27, 2014, 2:54 PM
what is this I don't even
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Oooooh a box thingy! :D
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I dont have as much free time as i use to, and am unsure how to alleviate this. Which is the best option? 

51 deviants said Lower the frequency of = Stay at the pace you're going.
24 deviants said Lower the length of comics, or even do some single panel things.
6 deviants said Lower the quality/ time spent on comics.
2 deviants said I will comment on what the best thing to do is...



The user hath returned! The user of the unassuming variety. That is all. Welcome back rotating DA icon.

Updates on the Narf Front

I will start working on comics once again! But first i have to take care of the contest prizes, unfortunately there is a massive amount of pollen in my area and i sneeze all day every day and its hard to work a mouse while spazzing. So yay fall allergies right?!? And as you may know last year i had a spike in content around the start of school because it helps me map out the time of each week, so that could either finish me off in terms of free time, or orginiza it effectively. only time will tell.

Poll Results

That said, the results on my recent poll has overwhelming support for me staying at my current pace. Surprising really considering i think i could make short jokes like the narf of olden days, but you have spoken! That said again, a certain someone wants me to make more of the DashTrix. How wholeheartedly is the mass in agreement of my essentially shitposting comics for ironic laughs? I somehow feel in the back of my mind that you're all conspiring against me to make me make foolish decisions. Everyone is trying to get close to strike me where im weakest, my core.

TL:DR; Time to start doing sit ups

Overly Specific Pet Peeves

The whole fairy type is super effective against dragons thing. I can hear you now "BUT NARFLAG FAIRI TALES KILL DRAGONS XXDDDDDD" NO! Using that logic, Tales type pokemon are also super effective. and so are hobbit type pokemon. I think a more logical way to "balance out" the dragon type would be making steel or fighting be super effective against dragon. think of it. What slays the dragon in all of those fairy tales? The HERO aka the hERO TYPE as its called in japan. and what does the hero use??? a STEEL sword. Steel already resists dragon so why not give it a bit more of an edge? And another thing, dragon type was not overpowered, it was defensive. Steel is just as if not MORE defensive and did it need a massive nerf? NO! You know why dragon type was overpowered?!? because gamefreak is like "omg let make every fucking dragon in the game have a stat total of infinite plus 7" then they wait and are like oh shit all these high stat dragons are too OP! Lets not lower the stats of dragons and instead further impair the dragons that aren't that good! that will fix EVERYTHING! And more of a nitpic, but why is fairy resistant to hero/fighting type??? I thought the hero won in the fairy tale?!? Now youre telling me that both the dragon and the hero lose in a fairy tale?!? Cmon gamefreak, step up your logic.

Thats all for today, Get lucky chucky.
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United States
I am a comic enthusiast. I read and write comics. Since i make music, write stories and draw, I'm not really "good" at any of the three. Just decent. My favorite pony is Rarity because she is fabulous, unlike the other swines (kidding).

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do you just have a gallery of "things to potentially post to narf"?
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Little by little i am figuring you out, soon ill know you better than you know yourself.
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:iconnarflarg:Don't mess with Sweetie Belle by Fluffytuzki
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oh god i actually like this quite a bit.
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