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April 3, 2013
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Rainbow Tales: The First Pinkie Promise by Narflarg Rainbow Tales: The First Pinkie Promise by Narflarg
Rainbow Tales #2 Starring Pinkie Pie, Iron Will, and Mrs Cake!

Pinkie Pie always pinkie promises and wont break them no matter what. Well she better not, or it might come true!

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Were on Tumblr! [link]

Created using screenshots and edits of My Little Pony Which belongs to Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye: Support them too!
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Thats alot of claps for an old comic...
Check out the newer stuff to see some real quality!
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she was probably hallucinating, i mean FIFTEEN CUPCAKES! im so skinny i can barely eat half of one (and i mean a mini cupcake!!)
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I've eaten over 15 before...
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if i was pinkie pie and if mrs cake said don't eat more than one cupcake while we r out then i would eat 1.1 cupcakes (oh yea ima rebel!!)Rebel-emote 
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